Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

We're happy to answer question by phone or email for free. A first site visit costs $60 plus $1 per mile travel; if you decide to go ahead we will apply this to the cost of design and installation (currently around $1000 for Laundry to Landscape and $2000 for a Branched Drain - if there are no complications.) A pumped system can run to $3000.

What kind of soap can I use?

Use soaps without salt, boron, bleach or chemicals.  The Ecology Center has some good information.

Where can I read more about greywater?

Here are a few links:

The San Francisco Greywater manual

Greywater Action

Oasis Design

Rainwater Harvesting


Can I water my lawn with greywater?

No. But we will help you replace your lawn with something more drought-friendly. more...

Can I use greywater for drip irrigation?

Pumps and automatic backwash filters make this expensive and unreliable. more...

How about my vegetable garden?

Greywater should never be in direct contact with food. more...

What is greywater?

In California, greywater is defined as reusable water from your shower, sink, bathtub, lavatory sink, and clothes washer.

"Cada gotita cuenta.""""



- Laundry to Landscape
- Shower/Tub to Branch Drain
- Rainwater Harvesting

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